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Image of "The Encore II" : LIFER An Evening With idiedtrying. & JFX316 - $10.00(plus $1.00 convenience fee)

"The Encore II" : LIFER An Evening With idiedtrying. & JFX316 - $10.00(plus $1.00 convenience fee)

$11.00 - On sale

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!!!!! They are available in limited numbers, once they are sold out, it's SOLD OUT. Last year's event sold out, so if you want to attend, please buy tickets NOW!!!!!!

Tickets are $10 dollars (plus $1.00 convenience fee) with FREE SHIPPING. ALL orders will be mailed out within 24 hours of purchase!!!!!

Event Info.....

"The Encore II" : LIFER
An Evening With idiedtrying. & JFX316
A Limited Engagement, Two Seperate One Man Performances, One Night Only.

This is the sequel to last year's much anticipated sold out return performance of idiedtrying.

Both performances will be 100% SOLO performances. ONE musician on stage, alone.

Just as last year's event, this will be an immersive, multimedia experience.


"Celebrating the 16th year of I Died Trying, more vicseral & personal than ever."
Reviews of last year's performance....
“I've covered A LOT of shows in the past five years and have no shame in saying, tonight was the first time that I've fought back tears watching a musician's emotional journey through the performance.”
-Mike Ritchie (COVERINGTHESCENE.COM) / Attendee

"idiedtrying is the best rock act in the world. Hands. Down. Jesus Christ!"
- Jared Whittaker / Attendee

“The guitar was part of him. You could feel every hour he spent. Every tear he shed. Every single beat of his huge heart.
I am sitting here tearing up just remembering moments from the show.
- Mike Fouty / Attendee

With Special Opening Guest....
“Described as a soundtrack to a mescaline trip and good, hard, angry and paranoid hip hop, long running electronic act JFX316 has spent years creating pushing genres to their limit. His live shows are few and far between but have been described as heavy and so,times confrontational.”

The Actor's Theater Of Fairborn is located at 23 East Main Street, Fairborn, OH 45324, across the street from Foy's Halloween & Variety Store, as well as Absolute Music.
The Actor's Theater is a nearing 100 year old cinema theater. It started originally as a silent movie theater in 1921 & has been a playhouse for various acting groups over the years.
The theater is being rennovated & restored to be period correct in look & feel, updated with modern technology. Trust me, it is amazing inside. Everyone in attendance of last year's event loved it.
The performance will be inside the theater & will be a seated event. The seating is not assigned, so the earlier you get there the better seat you will get.
I wanted to do something different & give you guys an authentic & original shared experience, not just another generic "rock show". This WILL NOT be a typical show in any way.

A few things to cover about the venue....
*No moshing.
**No drugs or alcohol.
***No outside food or drink (water, soda & popcorn will be available.)
A few things to cover about the event and performance....
*This event is ALL AGES.
**Doors are at 6:30pm. Start time is at 7:00pm SHARP! IT WILL START ON TIME, so get there EARLY!

Tickets are ONLY $10.00 dollars & WILL BE ON SALE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7TH 2018!!!!!!

This is a VERY LIMITED SEATING EVENT, so when the tickets are sold out, they are SOLD OUT. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. There is actually LESS SEATS than last year's event & it did in fact SELL OUT. First come, first serve.
I'm available to meet up & or deliver tickets, or for a faster purchase you can secure your tickets here
*There is a $1 dollar convenience fee for purchasing online.
**You can NOT pay at the door. PRESALE ONLY.
***Tickets are non-refundable
There will be BRAND NEW idiedtrying merch available the night of the event! More info on this to come!

Be sure to check this event page, as well as the official idiedtrying page, to stay up to date on everything as we close in on "The Encore II" : LIFER
An Evening With idiedtrying. & JFX316

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